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15 Feb 2018

Stuart McAuliffe - Macro Market Call

Watch the Macro Market Call video with Stuart McAuliffe - Managing Director of Henry Morgan Limited

01 Jul 2017

Interview with Stuart McAuliffe, Managing Director of Henry Morgan

Mr Stuart McAuliffe was appointed as Managing Director in September 2014. Stuart has over 25 years' experience investing in global equity, bond, currency and commodity markets. He has pioneered innovative research into the correlation and causation between different global equity and currency markets over short, medium and long term time periods.

31 Dec 2016

Market Outlook for January 2017

This Market Outlook has been provided by John Bridgeman Limited, investment manager of Henry Morgan Limited’s investment portfolio: Hit Pause at the Party - We believed equity markets would run into year-end and this has generally occurred. Partly, this may have been inspired by politics, but we think it was more seasonal and driven by improving economic data. The challenge during the past year has been to avoid significant drawdowns as markets have fallen and risen on huge volatility...

01 Nov 2016

Market Outlook - November 2016

In our last Market Outlook in July 2016, we said that markets had experienced a bullish conversion. Now we are really bullish – on stocks and almost any product that is risk on...

01 Jul 2016

Market Outlook - July 2016

n our last Market Outlook back in March 2016, we forecast that the UK would certainly vote to leave the European Union. Not many believed us. However, that is old news now so where to from here? We believe that the recent rally in global equities marks a serious regime change that is only just getting started. The recent up moves have been like two people sharing a glass of wine and we think it ultimately ends in a full-on Roman Bacchanalian festival...

01 Mar 2016

Market Outlook First Quarter 2016

First Quarter 2016 – Well, 2016 has started with a vicious down move in global equities with some extreme volatility in virtually every market including; large currency movements, bond rallies despite the US interest rate hike, crude oil falling to new lows and gold surging higher. Doomsday forecasts are gaining traction as prognostications focus on multiple risks including; global recession, the failure of monetary policy, significant Chinese currency devaluation, an increase in a...

31 Dec 2015

Market Outlook 2015

For some time, the big question we have been asking ourselves is whether the central bankers won or lost? That is, will we get a self-sustaining recovery or slump back into negative or slow economic growth. Well, we have waited and we think now that it is the self-sustaining recovery, with all its implications, which we will look at in due course. The consensus is for at best slow growth battling against a number of headwinds due to the overhang of the GFC, debt levels and demographics...