The team at Henry Morgan Limited comprises a number of experienced investment professionals made up of derivatives and equities specialists with expertise in Australian and global markets.

Our People

Stuart McAuliffe was appointed as Managing Director in January 2015.

Stuart has over 25 years experience investing in global equity, bond, currency and commodity markets, capital venture and strategic management. He has pioneered innovative research into the correlation and causation between different global equity and currency markets over short, medium and long term time periods. As the senior executive responsible for investments, he uses a 'layered' approach combining multiple time frame fundamental analysis in markets and diversification through asset ownership and ventures.

In 2012, Stuart was the founding investment manager for the Aliom Managed Futures Fund No 1, a wholesale investor fund, targeting absolute returns above average equity returns. He has since averaged 148% average annual return before fees (107.49% after fees, with average fees 2% of capital and 23% of performance).

Stuart is of the belief that great investment decisions are derived from an in depth understanding of historical forces. Stuart's Bachelor Degree was a Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland earning a double major in Modern History and a Major in Ancient History. Courses focused on military strategy including the campaigns of Julius Caesar, Napoleon and General George Patton and he credits this early training as the basis for his innovative future strategies and tactics in investment markets and opportunity identification. As an Associate Professor at Bond University, Stuart has lectured nationally and internationally in the fields of economic forecasting, valuation modelling, financial structures and risk management. His specialisations included the short to long-term effects of central bank policy and the pricing of extreme valuations at market peaks and troughs. He has designed and developed proprietary indices measuring economic leading indicators and their probable effects on equity and real estate markets.

Henry Koster was appointed as a director effective 16 June 2021.

Henry Koster is a hands-on, operationally focussed, successful businessman with over 40 years’ experience in the finance industry.  Henry’s early career involved experience in process serving and insurance fraud investigation, repossession and debt collection.

Henry is skilled at helping businesses to grow and increase in profitability.
He is the founder of King’s Currency Exchange, increasing the size of that business from one shop to a chain of 13 in Queensland, when he sold out in 2016.

Henry has significant experience in business investment and operational growth.


Michael Martin was appointed as a director effective 30 September 2021.

Michael Martin is one of Australia’s leading futures execution brokers, with over 25 years’ experience working in financial markets.

Michael has worked in the money market operations team, trading in foreign exchange, futures, and interest rates at Colonial State Bank, and was also a trader on SFE trading floor.

He has held broking positions within the retail and institutional broking arms of FIMAT (now known as NewEdge and owned by Societe Generale), trading options and futures globally.  
Michael also gained experience through his position as a senior broker at Man Financial managing his own client base and growing the investment portfolio across all Asian, European and US markets, and also managed the European trading desk at Bell Potter.

He also has experience working for National Australia Bank in Business Banking and securitisation.

Michael holds a Diploma of Financial Markets with SIA/AFMA, Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate), Corporate and Individual Real Estate license in NSW, QLD, WA, VIC, SA.